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Wasteland Files

These Wasteland files are all in text format.
This is the Wasteland MANUAL.
You will need these PARAGRAPHS to play Wasteland.
The Wasteland F.A.Q. was created by Stephen Sedmak & assisted by Chris Baer.
This is the complete (?) Wasteland NPC list Version 1.0 by Alexander J. Pirchl.
Here are some Wasteland SOLUTIONS by Cheet Sheets Magazine.
This is a ZIP file with all the above text files in it.

Jeremy Reaban has written a reset program called The Wasteland Unofficial Game Reset Utility 1.0. The cd-rom versions missed a cool utility that would reset the maps to let you play the game again with the same characters. (This was a feature popular in a lot of old CRPGs, either because they were meant for floppies, and errors were likely, or because games back then were a lot more fun.)
This is a 1200x1175x16, 260KB jpg map of the Wasteland.

Finding Wasteland

Wasteland can be found on The Ultimate RPG Archives is the collection of award-winning computer role-playing games in one box. The biggest and most successful brands and developers in the RPG genre. - it's a die-hard RPG gamer's dream and a great place for RPG novices to begin.

Wasteland can also be found on INTERPLAY'S 10 YEAR ANTHOLOGY CD. It's a nice collection of classic games. The other games that come with Wasteland on the CD are Mindshadow, Bard's Tale, Tess Times, Battle Chess, Dragon Wars, Castles, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Out of this World, numerous Demos and 19 music tracks. (PC)  This collection is no longer being made.

Wasteland was been found on Computer Gaming World's November '96 issue, on the magazines accompanying CD-ROM.

They did it again! I was looking through the local computer store when something caught my eye. Computer Gaming World has placed Wasteland on there October '97 issue. Here is another chance to get this great game. For some reason they did not include the manual or the paragraphs. Someone was not doing there job, but you can always get them here. Accompanying wasteland are 4 other classic, complete, computer roleplaying games. They are Betrayal at Krondor, Might & Magic I, Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (Great CRPG), and Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge.

I've also found Wasteland for the (PC) Emulators of old systems. The Commadore 64 Emulators are a bit buggy, but the Apple II Emulators work quite well.

PC Emulators
I'll have them up soon!!!

Wasteland and all Wasteland artwork are Copyright 1987-1988 Interplay Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

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