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Computer Games
Link is Active
Wasteland is one of the greatest computer role playing ever made.
Fallout A post nuclear role playing game
Fallout 2 Another post nuclear role playing game
Autoduel Carwars comes to the computer.
Roadwar 2000 & Roadwar 2000 Europa Take back our cities after the apocalypse!
TWILIGHT:2000 This pencil and paper roleplaying game, was created by Game Designers Workshop. Brought to the computer by Microprose. (NOT OPEN)
Fountain of Dreams
link not active
Set in post-war Florida, after the "enemy" neutron-bombed the mainland of Florida to preserve its technology (viz., Cape Canavral) but wipe out its inhabitants. However, Florida itself was bombed off the continental United States by nuclear vollies in Georgia! The life that creeps out from surviving this armaggedon builds a Florida much mutated, and is in constant conflict with the island of FLorida's main crazies, the Killer Clowns.

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