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AUTODUEL was created by Lord British and Chuckles of Origin back in 1985.
It's based on the "Car Wars" Board Game by Steve Jackson

Autoduel came out for the Apple II's, Commodore 64's, and IBM PC's.

Autoduel takes you to freeways of the future - where the right of way goes to the bigest guns. You will design your own vehicle - with weapons, armor, power plants, tires, and suspension - and take it out on the road. You may come home an "ace", or crash and burn. If you survive, your abilities will improve, and you can win cash to improve your car or buy a better one. As an autoduellist you have several ways to win fame and forune. You can fight in the arena to the cheers of the audience, pitting your car against others. You can be a courier, carring valuable cargos from city to city along dangerous roads. You can be a vigilante, fighting the road outlaws and cycle gangs. You'll probably what to do all three... it's up to you. As your fame and skill increase, you'll meet high-placed people on both sides of the law. If you make the right choices - and keep your wheels and guns in top shape - you can become one of the real heros of this future world.

Here is the PC Version of Autoduel. It's in Zip format.

Here it is the Manual. Its in Text format and Zipped. Thanks to Michael P. Owen for his help.

Michael has also sent me the color map too.

All Maps are in GIF format and are around 1M.
Download Manual

I've also found Autoduel for the (PC) Emulators of old systems.

The Commadore 64 Emulators are a bit buggy, but the Apple II Emulators work quite well.

PC Emulators

Commodore 64

C64s - The Commodore 64 Emulator for the PC

CCS64 Logo

Personal C64, the C64-Emulator for the PC

-The Game-
This is the Commodore 64 emulated version


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Martin Pugh's C64 Index Pages


Apple II
PC Emulators Site There are several different appleII emulators here. I've placed a couple of the PC versions here for direct download


-The Game-
This is the Apple II emulated version


for other Apple II emulated games goto Index


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