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What's New
October 18th 1998
Alright, I've added the PA Media Jukebox. At the top off all the other pages there is a icon music that you can click on to listen to 20 Midi files for right now, enjoy. I also added one of the greatest roleplaying games of all time, Wasteland to the site. With files and pics. Take a look.
October 4th 1998
I haven't updated for awhile. My life has been crazy for the pass several months. From one crisis to the next. Things will hopefully get better now. I'ved fixed my e-mail button, it works now. I have added Dead lands: Hell On Earth to the RPG site. Added two links, Mutant Bikers of the Atomic Wastelands, and deadEarth to the RPG site. Lastly, Fountain of Dreams was add to the CRPG site.
July 1st 1998
Welcome the my new site (formally called Warriors of the Wasteland). Post-Apocalyptic Media retains most of the information from the old site. A lot of new stuff well be add in the months to come. Assuming Armageddon doesn't happen first.
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